SQL Server

Free eBook on SQL Server 2008 R2 from Microsoft Press

Are you using SQL Server 2008 or are you planning to upgrade? Whatever the case is, if you are in any way associated with SQL Server you should have this book. It’s a Free ebook from Microsoft Press on SQL Server 2008 R2. Make sure to download it for free and keep it for reference.


How to Find Duplicate Rows in a Table in SQL Server?

Duplicate Rows in a table can be very irritating and cause for many headaches. So how can you identify duplicate rows in a table?  SQL Server provides no visual tool or a built in function to show you the duplicate rows in a table, so you need to write your own query to get the duplicate rows.

How to get the Row Count of each table in a Database in SQL Server?

If you are working with SQL Server and looking for a way to get the row count of all tables in your database, you can do that using this SQL Query.

This Query will display a list of all Tables in your database and a count of the number of Rows the table has.