Implementing Streaming to Improve Data Transfer Throughput in WCF

By using streaming, the receiver can start to receive the streamed data before the sender finishes sending it. When you use streaming, WCF transmits the stream in manageable chunks to the receiver so that neither the sender nor the receiver needs to employ a very large buffer to hold the whole message.


Enabling MTOM Encoding to Improve Data Transfer Throughput in WCF

MTOM is a specification that enables you to transmit binary data in a WCF solution. When you use MTOM to transmit binary data, the data is not encoded into a different format, but transmitted as raw binary data in a Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension (MIME) message attachment.


Considerations for Throttling, Instance Management, and Threading to improve Performance of WCF Service

Call or session throttling can reduce the number of instances or threads regardless of the instance or threading mode that is currently set. However, instance and threading modes can keep the number of instances or threads well below the throttling limits for instances or calls.