Logging Messages in WCF Services

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) provides features to help you monitor messages that flow through your WCF solutions and the activities that they perform. You can use the tools that WCF provides to examine the message flows and activity traces to help you diagnose faults with your services.


Managing WCF Service Instances

You can improve the performance of your solution by ensuring the efficient use of resources and by reducing the scope for resource contention. In a WCF solution, service instances provide the primary point that you can control to ensure that resources are allocated efficiently and fairly


Example of Security Interoperability in WCF Services

WCF supports several standard security mechanisms, following the various security-related WS-* standards. For example, you may need to specify transport-level security when you communicate with an older Java Web service. In this case, encryption is necessary because the Username token, including the user’s password, is passed with the message.


How to Expose Multiple Contracts in WCF Service?

WCF enables you to build services that expose multiple contracts by defining additional endpoints; each endpoint can refer to a different contract. Exposing multiple contracts is useful because it means that you can release a new version of a contract, but still support legacy client applications that may continue to use the old contract.