WCF vs Web Services

Both Web services and WCF enables you to fulfill you Service Oriented Architecture implementation.  If Web Services can be used to make your architecture Service Oriented then why did Microsoft come up with something new called WCF. Sure WCF needs to have something over Web Services. Let’s see what WCF has in addition to what Web Services had. Here are some points:

What is WCF Routing Service?

The WCF Routing Service provides are pluggable SOAP intermediate that routes messages based on the message content. The Routing Service also provides you with the ability to create complex routing logic that enables you to handle scenarios such as service versioning, service aggregation, multicast routing, priority routing. The Routing Service also has Error Handling by having backup endpoints to which the messages are routed in case of a failure.

How to Call Methods on the Host Process?

Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) enables you to integrate your workflow solutions seamlessly into applications that are based on the Windows operating system. The ability of the workflow to call methods in the host process and then to handle events from the host process to control execution flow is functionality that is often required.

How to Enable End-to-End Service Tracing in WCF Services?

When you monitor activities in a distributed application, it can be difficult to correlate events on various machines, such as the correct sequence in which activities occurred and which activity caused a subsequent one to occur. WCF provides a solution that has a built-in correlation mechanism, which you can enable by doing the following: