Biztalk Server 2010: EAI Video Tutorial 2: Define Schemas and Map

This is the second video of the BizTalk Server 2010 EAI tutorial. In the first video, we reviewed a simple EAI scenario, and prepared for creating a BizTalk Server EAI solution. In this presentation, we will create two schemas and a map that are needed for the orchestration. Hope you find this video tutorial useful. Please dont miss to watch the other videos in this series. Biztalk Server 2010: EAI Video Tutorial

Biztalk Server 2010: EAI Video Tutorial 1: Introduction

This is Part 1 of the four Video Tutorials on Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) using Biztalk Server 2010. This video gives a simple EAI scenario and explains the features and functions of Biztalk Server 2010 and also explains how to build Biztalk Sever Solution on a basic level. Hope you find this video helpful. It’s just part 1 of the video tutorial series. Don’t miss the remaining 3 parts.

Windows Workflow 4 Tutorial Videos

I am sure you are excited about Windows Workflow foundation. Who is not? except those poor Java guys...

Here is a collection of Videos available on Windows Workflow Foundation 4. I hope you find it useful. The list will keep growing, so feel free to bookmark this page for later reference.

Windows Workflow Foundation Video Tutorials

 WF4 Tutorial