Understanding and Creating Classes in C#

Find out how classes are defined and new instances are created, how to define Properties, and how to both set values and get values for a given instance of the class. A class is a construct that enables you to create your own custom types by grouping together variables of other types, methods and events. A class is like a blueprint. It defines the data and behavior of a type. If the class is not declared as static, client code can use it by creating objects or instances which are assigned to a variable.

How to Monitor a Database in Microsoft Azure

Find out how the Basic Monitoring via Web Console operates, and get an overview of deadlocks, failed connections, successful connections, and blocking by firewall. Review three categories of views: Database-Related, Execution-Related, and Transaction-Related.

Monitoring tools and techniques that you might be accustomed to using on an on-premises server, such as auditing logins, running traces, and using performance counters, are not available for SQL Database. On Azure, you use Data Management Views (DMVs) to monitor data capacity, query problems, and current connections.

How to Create Database in Microsoft SQL Azure

Microsoft Azure SQL Database is a relational database-as-a-service that delivers predictable performance, scalability, business continuity, data protection, and near-zero administration to cloud developers and solution architects.

Microsoft Azure offers several choices for data storage. These include Azure storage and SQL Azure. You may choose to use one or both in your particular project. Azure storage currently contains three types of storage structures: tables, queues and blobs.

WPF Training Video

I am sure you are excited about WPF and if you are looking for resources to learn WPF, here is a collection of tutorial Videos for you. Hope you find it helpful. Do visit this page back as I will be adding in more training videos as I find them.

WPF Training Videos
WPF Tutorial Video

WCF Training Videos

If you are or planning to be working on WCF, I am sure you need to spend some time learning on what is WCF. There is a good collection of Video Training Resources on WCF. I have attempted to make a list of training videos on WCF which is already available out there. Hope you find this list useful. These are free online Training material for WCF.

Here is a collection of WCF Video Tutorials. WCF Free Training Videos

Biztalk Server 2010 Training Videos

If you are looking for some Training Resources for Biztalk Server 2010, Here is a list of Tutorial Videos. I believe it will be helpful. I find this resource very beneficial as I try to understand and implement Biztalk Server 2010 in our environment.  I will be updating this page as I come across more Tutorial Videos and webcasts, so do visit back for more Training Videos and Resources.

Biztalk Server 2010: Video Tutorial: Processing Flat Files

This Tutorial demonstrates how Biztalk Server transports and transforms the messages. This video expands the EAI Tutorial Series to demonstrate how to process Flat Files. You are advised to watch the EAI Video Tutorial Series before watching this video . In this presentation, we will change the scenario, so that the warehouse system sends the replenishment request in the flat file format in addition to the XML format.

Biztalk Server 2010: EAI Video Tutorial 3: Define the Business Process

This is the third video of the BizTalk Server 2010 EAI tutorial. In the last video, we created two schemas and a map that are needed by the orchestration that we will create in this video. This video demonstrates how to add a new project to the solution for hosting the new orchestration. Hope you find this video useful. Dont miss to watch the previous two videos.