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How to Go Online after working offline in Visual Studio Projects?

If you have been working with Visual Studio for a while I am sure you came across situations where the TFS Server was unavailable when you were working on the Project source code. Its nice to know that TFS allows you to continue working on your project offline when your TFS server is down. That’s really cool and you do that by opening your Project Solution file (.sln) and if TFS is not available it will ask if you want to work offline and lets you work offline.

How can I connect to Team Foundation Server 2010 from Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008?

How to connect to TFS 2010 from Visual Studio 2005
How to connect to TFS 2010 from Visual Studio 2008

Now that Visual Studio 2010 has been officially released and that you have installed the VS 2010 TFS, you are sure excited about using TFS 2010. You might have installed the TFS 2010 client and might be using it very well.

VS 2010: The path X is already mapped in workspace Y

I have installed Visual Studio 2010 and also the VS 2010 TFS client and am connected to my TFS server. Everything looks neat and exciting. Now when I try to Map my local folder to my Projects in TFS it comes up with a message stating “The Path … is already mapped in workspace ….” It looks like my local folder is mapped to the previous workspace I had in VS 2008, so it would not let me map to my VS 2010 Projects. What can I do to resolve this?