How to Define a Data Contract for Custom Serialization in WCF?

For the WCF serializer to marshal a complex type, you must define a data contract for it. To do this, start by applying the DataContractAttribute attribute to the complex type definition that you want to pass in a message. Apply the DataMemberAttribute attribute to each field (either a data member or a property) that is to be serialized. All other data fields on the class are ignored.

Why do you need to apply the OperationContract attribute to the methods in your service contract?

The ServiceContract attribute identifies the interface as a WCF service contract from which WCF can generate a Web Services Description Language (WDSL) description. The Namespace attribute should qualify the contract as belonging to your organizational domain and to the functional domain.

What is a WFC EndPoint?

A WCF service can contain one or more endpoints. An endpoint defines the three pieces of information that a client needs to successfully communicate with a service

 The logical address of the service. This is a uniform resource identifier (URI) in the format that is required by the transport protocol that the service uses

How can I compare different versions of Word document in Sharepoint?

Sharepoint is pretty interesting to use on an enterprise level. More and more companies are adopting the Sharepoint way to share and collaborate documents and to do their Knowledge Management. If you are used to using Sharepoint, I am sure you have used it to upload your word document and share it across the team. 

How to check your SQL Server Version?

If you come across some strange differences in your SQL Server or SQL Management Studio in comparisons to what others are using, you are sure to be tempted to want to check you version number to make sure if you have the latest version with all the latest Service Packs Installed.

Here this table should help you to understand which version you have.
The following table lists the Sqlservr.exe version number.

How to Find the IIS Version Number?

If you want to find the version of IIS installed on your system, there are many ways to find it.  Here is a simple way to find it visually.

Step 1: Open IIS Manager. 
 Goto Start--> Run --> Type inetmgr It should open up the IIS Manager

Step 2: Click on Internet Information Services on the left Panel of the window

Step 3: You should be able to see the version number in the right Panel of the window in the third column.