How to Implement a Self-Hosted WCF Service?

To host a service in a managed application, you must create a contract and then implement the service. You must understand the role of the contract and the service implementation to understand how to develop a self-hosted service. The first two rows in the table provide examples of a contract and a service implementation. The last two rows link to code examples for building and configuring your self-hosted service.

What are the Workflow Authoring Modes?

WF enables you to separate workflow definition from business logic. You can develop your entire workflow by using code, where you specify the workflow structure and logic in the Microsoft Visual C# development tool or the Microsoft Visual Basic development system. The typical workflow-authoring scenario in Visual Studio provides a designer to specify the workflow definition and then uses code in Visual C# or Visual Basic to represent business logic in separate code-behind pages.

What Is Windows Workflow Foundation?

WF includes visual designers for use in Visual Studio 2008, which enable you to quickly design and develop workflow applications. By using workflow classes and custom data types, you can also define your workflow structure programmatically and develop the entire solution in code.

The following table shows some of the commonly used namespaces in WF.