How to check if a String is null or Empty in C#

Checking a String value to see if it is Empty or null is something you will come across a lot during your day to day work using C#. There are different ways to doing this check in C#. Basically there are different ways you can do this. String is a reference type so you can check if it is null. Also you can check for an empty string (“”) or check the length of the string and see if it is zero.

How to Check null in C# (C Sharp)

WCF vs Web Services

Both Web services and WCF enables you to fulfill you Service Oriented Architecture implementation.  If Web Services can be used to make your architecture Service Oriented then why did Microsoft come up with something new called WCF. Sure WCF needs to have something over Web Services. Let’s see what WCF has in addition to what Web Services had. Here are some points:

What is WCF Routing Service?

The WCF Routing Service provides are pluggable SOAP intermediate that routes messages based on the message content. The Routing Service also provides you with the ability to create complex routing logic that enables you to handle scenarios such as service versioning, service aggregation, multicast routing, priority routing. The Routing Service also has Error Handling by having backup endpoints to which the messages are routed in case of a failure.

How to embed your YouTube channel in your website?

Do you have a website or a blog and also a YouTube channel and you want to embed your YouTube Channel in your website or your blog.

I know its pretty simple to embed your youtube video on your website, but how will you embed your entire Youtube Channel in your website.

Here is how you can do it.

How to Consume Services from a Workflow?

WCF is a programming model for building service-oriented applications. It enables developers to build reliable, secure, transaction-enabled solutions across platforms. WCF also provides the ability to implement legacy systems. By using WCF and WF, you can exploit the advantages of WCF security and stability, and implement service-based workflow applications.

What Are WCF Services?