How to Enable or Disable Cookies in Internet Explorer

Cookies play an important role to enhance your browsing experience. Cookies help websites to remember your custom settings, your previous information on a site you are re-visiting. So for sure cookies make your browsing experience better and quicker. But at times cookies can also be a loop hole in browser security and it can be used to hack into your system. So it is always a good idea to keep a balanced check on cookies that you allow and don’t allow.


How to get the Application Directory Path in the Installer Class?

I had to create a Setup Project  to be able to deploy the our .Net Application to the SIT environment.  Had to decide between the Default Installer that comes with Visual Studio and the Install Shield Limited Edition, which also comes free with Visual Studio 2010. Personally I think Install Shield is better than the default Windows Setup Project that comes with Visual Studio, but for some reason I had to choose the Visual Studio Setup project .