How to Consume Services from a Workflow?

WCF is a programming model for building service-oriented applications. It enables developers to build reliable, secure, transaction-enabled solutions across platforms. WCF also provides the ability to implement legacy systems. By using WCF and WF, you can exploit the advantages of WCF security and stability, and implement service-based workflow applications.

What Are WCF Services?

How to Generate Strictly Bound Activities for Host Methods?

WF enables you to generate strictly bound activities to interact with methods on the host process in the same way that you create strictly bound controls. Strictly bound activities enable you to add activities to your workflow that are already configured to a specific host process event.

How to Call Methods on the Host Process?

Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) enables you to integrate your workflow solutions seamlessly into applications that are based on the Windows operating system. The ability of the workflow to call methods in the host process and then to handle events from the host process to control execution flow is functionality that is often required.