How to add Facebook Like button to Drupal Website?

Drupal is a popular and stable framework to build your website. If you have been using Drupal for a while I am sure you like it and it does save time in building your web content instead of creating your website from scratch. Having a website is one thing and making it popular is another big essential effort.

What is the difference between drop table and delete table in SQL Server

Difference between drop table and delete table in SQL Server

You will notice that there are two ways to get rid of data you don’t require in SQL Server. One is by the Delete Table command and the other one is by the Drop table command. So what is the difference between the two?


What is a Property Schema in Biztalk?

In Biztalk Server you have something called promoted properties which enable various Biztalk components to access important items of data from the context instead of retrieving it from the message itself.  For each message type you create you can decide which data items will be used by other components in Biztalk and based on that you can promote those fields.