How to disable Export Options in SQL Reports?

Using SQL Reports is Fun. I have been having fun using it recently. It’s pretty cool. 
Wanted to figure out how to disable the Export Options in the SQL Reports when it is displayed to the user in Report Viewer. To be more specific I wanted to disable exporting in .pdf format. After looking around for it found  out it can be done in the rsreportserver.config file. 

How to read Text from multiple files and write it to a single file using StreamReader and StreamWriter in C#?

Here is an example of using StreamReader and StreamWriter class in C# to Read a number of text files from the source location and writing the contents of all the text files into a single Final Large file.

SuperFlow for Creating SRS Report Models in Configuration Manager 2007

The SuperFlow interactive content model provides a structured and interactive interface for viewing documentation. Each SuperFlow includes comprehensive information about a specific dataflow, workflow, or process. Depending on the focus of the SuperFlow, you will find overview information, steps that include detailed information, procedures, sample log entries, best practices, real-world scenarios, troubleshooting information, security information, animations, or other information.

WPF Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is a WPF Animation?

--Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) is a next-generation application development tool that ties together many different technologies: document data, audio, video, 2D/3D graphic rendering, etc. It has the ability to perform animation on the objects available, and this article will show some of the various animations that can be performed.