The Dangers of Poor Quality Data

The Dangers of Poor Quality Data

Many statistics demonstrate the high cost of poor quality data. The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI) estimates that poor quality data costs US companies $611 billion per year due to revenue losses and productivity problems. Some examples of the issues that create this negative impact in enterprises include:


Seven Best Practices of Agile Projects

Enterprises are moving towards agile software development methods to increase productivity and project quality. Agile projects must adhere to agility best practices to increase their success.

Best Practices

There are seven best practices for operating agile projects. These best practices span every size of IT organization and generally apply to all agile projects. Follow these practices to optimize agile software development and drive improvements to the projects' bottom line.


SQL Reporting Services Double Hop Authentication Problem

Started using SQL Reporting Services recently and found it very useful. I used it to create a Reporting module on our current project with graphs and charts. It came out pretty good. With all the flexibility and the ease with which you can create Reports using Reporting Services, you are sure to like it once you use it.

How to Find the IIS Version Number?

If you want to find the version of IIS installed on your system, there are many ways to find it.  Here is a simple way to find it visually.

Step 1: Open IIS Manager. 
 Goto Start--> Run --> Type inetmgr It should open up the IIS Manager

Step 2: Click on Internet Information Services on the left Panel of the window

Step 3: You should be able to see the version number in the right Panel of the window in the third column. 

How to Fail with Agile?

Agile sounds cool and very flexible, but it can be very agitating to a work environment which is very much settled and stagnant. Agile seems to be a proven way of developing software. If you are comfortable with the Agile way of doing things, then its good for you. But for folks out there who are frustrated by the changes this so called Agile Methodology is bringing, here is a good news. Follow the following 20 Tips to make that Agile Methodology Fail.