Overview of WCF Architecture

Service-Oriented Development by Using WCF


Service-oriented development is aimed at client applications and services that do not share the same address space. The client application and the service could be running on the same computer or they could be running on separate computers that communicate over a network.




How to Go Online after working offline in Visual Studio Projects?

If you have been working with Visual Studio for a while I am sure you came across situations where the TFS Server was unavailable when you were working on the Project source code. Its nice to know that TFS allows you to continue working on your project offline when your TFS server is down. That’s really cool and you do that by opening your Project Solution file (.sln) and if TFS is not available it will ask if you want to work offline and lets you work offline.

Why do you need to apply the OperationContract attribute to the methods in your service contract?

The ServiceContract attribute identifies the interface as a WCF service contract from which WCF can generate a Web Services Description Language (WDSL) description. The Namespace attribute should qualify the contract as belonging to your organizational domain and to the functional domain.

What is a WFC EndPoint?

A WCF service can contain one or more endpoints. An endpoint defines the three pieces of information that a client needs to successfully communicate with a service

 The logical address of the service. This is a uniform resource identifier (URI) in the format that is required by the transport protocol that the service uses