How to Define a Data Contract for Custom Serialization in WCF?

For the WCF serializer to marshal a complex type, you must define a data contract for it. To do this, start by applying the DataContractAttribute attribute to the complex type definition that you want to pass in a message. Apply the DataMemberAttribute attribute to each field (either a data member or a property) that is to be serialized. All other data fields on the class are ignored.

How to Find Duplicate Rows in a Table in SQL Server?

Duplicate Rows in a table can be very irritating and cause for many headaches. So how can you identify duplicate rows in a table?  SQL Server provides no visual tool or a built in function to show you the duplicate rows in a table, so you need to write your own query to get the duplicate rows.

How to get the Row Count of each table in a Database in SQL Server?

If you are working with SQL Server and looking for a way to get the row count of all tables in your database, you can do that using this SQL Query.

This Query will display a list of all Tables in your database and a count of the number of Rows the table has.