Creating Custom Composite Workflow Activities - Explained

A custom composite activity is an activity that contains child activities. Custom composite activities are useful if you have a set of related activities that occur repeatedly in your workflows. In this situation, you can group the activities into a custom composite activity and then reuse the custom composite activity as needed. This reduces development time and also provides a better designer experience while you work with the workflow


Web Tip: How to Verify the Operating System and Version you are using?

If you want to find out the Operating System and the version you are using there are many ways to find it out, but one cool way to find it online is just by going to this URL provided  by microsoft.

This webpage on the above link provides with information on  the OS and version no of the OS you are using. It will also give you info on the Internet Explorer version and whether you are using a 32 bit system or a 64 bit system.

I find that cool.