How to use the ConfigurationManager Class in Visual Studio?

Why don’t I see the ConfigurationManager Class?
Whats wrong with ConfigurationManager class why don’t I see it?

ConfigurationManager Class is a cool class to use to work with config files, but it can be frustrating to access that Class. One would think if you have the  using System.Configuration;
 included in, you should be able to access the ConfiguratoinManager class, but that’s not the case.
To be able to use the ConfigurationManager class you need to Add a Reference to System.Configuration in your Project References.
So to add a Reference:
1.       Right Click on References in your project in Visual Studio
2.       Click on Add Reference
3.       Click on the .NET Tab
4.       Select System.Configuration
5.       Click OK

Now you are all set to use the ConfigurationManager Class.