Windows Workflow Base Activity Library List

Windows Workflow Activity List

Windows Workflow Foundation or WF is the latest cool thing from Microsoft.  It’s the Workflow way of developing applications. Its meant to make software development easier for developers. Using Windows Workflow in your Visual Studio makes the program flow very visual.

There are basically two types of Workflows

1.       Sequence

2.       Flowchart


And here is a list of Base Activity Library provided by Windows Workflow.

  • Assign: assigns a value to a variable in the workflow.
  • Compensate: provides a way to do compensation, such as handling a problem that occurs in a long-running transaction.
  • ForEach: executes an activity for each object in a collection.
  • ReceiveMessage: receives a message via WCF.
  • SendMessage: sends a message via WCF.
  • If: creates a branch of execution.
  • DoWhile: executes an activity, then checks a condition. The activity will be executed over and over as long as the condition is true.
  • Flowchart: groups together a set of activities that are executed sequentially, but also allows control to return to an earlier step.
  • Parallel: runs multiple activities at the same time.
  • Persist: explicitly requests the WF runtime to persist the workflow.
  • Pick: allows waiting for a set of events, then executing only the activity associated with the first event to occur.
  • Sequence: groups together a set of activities that are executed sequentially. Along with acting as a workflow’s outermost activity, Sequence is also useful inside workflows. For example, a While activity can contain only one other activity. If that activity is Sequence, a developer can execute an arbitrary number of activities within the while loop.
  • Switch: provides a multi-way branch of execution.
  • Throw: raises an exception.
  • TryCatch: allows creating a try/catch block to handle exceptions.
  • While: executes a single activity as long as a condition as true.