What is ordered delivery in biztalk?

What is Ordered Delivery in Biztalk 2009, Biztalk Server 2010?

Working with Biztalk is interesting. If you wondered what is ordered delivery of messages in Biztalk, let us try to understand it in brief.

Ordered message delivery ensures that messages that are published to the MessageBox database in a given order are delivered to each matching subscriber in the same order in which they were published to the message box.

There are two places you can configure ordered message delivery.

  • Receive shape in an orchestration

  • Send port


Ordered Messaged Delivery has some restrictions. It cannot be configured for the following ports.

  • Dynamic send ports

  • Backup transports

Dis-advantages of Ordered Delivery

To achieve ordered delivery, BizTalk Server must serialize processing of ordered messages at various points along the message pathway. This works against scale-out techniques, such as the use of multiple host instances for parallel processing of messages.



1.       Ordered Delivery of Messages with the MSMQ Adapter

2.       Ordered Delivery of Messages with the MQSeries Adapter

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