Team Foundation Server 2010 interview questions

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TFS 2010 Interview Questions and Answers
TFS Source Control Interview Questions and Answers

Can we disable the “Override CheckIn Policy Failure” checkbox? Can that be customized based on User Login, Policy Type of File type?

No. It is designed it to be fully auditable by including policy compliance data in the changeset details and in the checkin mail that is delivered, but left it up to the developer to determine whether they have a good reason for overriding.

What are the different events available in the event model and is there any documentation on them?
There is really only one SCC event and that is the one that is raised on checkin. Subscription is via the general event model that is discussed in the extensibility kit.

Are Deletes you make in TFS 2010 Source Control physical or logical? Can accidental deletes be recovered?
Deletes are fully recoverable with the “undelete” operation. You wouldn’t want to do a SQL restore because that would roll back every change to the TFS in the time since the file was deleted.

Can different CheckIn Policies be applied on different branches? E.g. Can they have QA specific policies applied on CheckIn in a QA branch?

How do I redisplay source control explorer?
Selecting View > Other Windows > Source Control Explorer will display the Source Control Explorer window within the IDE.

Why doesn’t source control detect that I have deleted a file/folder on my local disk?
The main scenario here is deleting a file (by mistake or intentionally) outside of Team Foundation and then trying the get that file back from source control. If the file version has not changed the server thinks the user already has the file and does not copy it over. This is because the server keeps a list of files that the user already has and when activities are made outside of source control this list becomes out of date. Team Foundation Version Control does have a force get option which will provide the functionality needed to obtain the desired version but it is currently partially hidden under the Get Specific Version Dialog window as a check box item.

Can I compare directory structures in TFS Source Control?
No you cannot compare Directory Structures in TFS Source Control

Can we configure SCC to not check-in the binary files? Where are such configurations done?
Team Foundation Version Control provides a way to limit check-ins by setting up check-in policies that are evaluated before a check-in can take effect. The easiest way to do this is by authoring a policy that checks if the user is trying to check-in a binary file from a given folder structure and reject or accept it in accordance.

How can I add non-solution items to source control?
This can be achieved by either clicking the Add icon or by going to File > Source Control and selecting the Add To Source Control menu item.

When a user “edits” a file in a “source controlled” project, it gets checked out automatically. Is this configurable? Can we change this behavior?
Yes it can be done by configuring TFS by going to Tools > Options > Source Control > Environment provides an option where a user can change the settings to not checkout files automatically on edit.

Can I install the TFS 2010 Build Service on my TFS 2008 build machine?

Yes, you can. Even though they both default to the same port (9191), they can share that port without any problems.