Different ways of inserting more than one record into a table

Method  1:   Using the Select INTO Statement





SELECT field1[, field2[, …]] INTO newtable [IN externaldatabase]     FROM source




Example 1:


Select * into StudentBackup from Student



The above example takes a backup of the entire Student table into another table named StudentBackup



Example 2:


Select colName1, colName2 into StudentsNew from StudentsOld where Course= 'Science'


The above example  retrieves two columns from the StudentsOld Table and inserts it into the StudentsNew table.



Method  2:   Using the Insert  INTO Statement


There is also another way to insert multiple records into a table from an existing table. Here it is.

INTO NewTable(colName1, colName2) Select colName1, colName2 from OldTable

This script inserts multiple rows from the table OldTable into NewTable