How to connect to TFS 2010 Server from Visual Studio 2003?

We recently upgraded our Team Foundation Server to 2010 and also our Visual Studio to 2010 hoping that all our future development will be in VS 2010. But now the problem is we have old application developed in .Net 1.1 and using Visual Studio 2003.

We do not want to upgrade those applications and want to make changes to them in VS 2003. Now the problem is VS 2003 does not seem to connect with TFS 2010 to be able to have the code in TFS source control.

So I went looking if there is a patch, maybe a compatibility pack which lets you to use VS 2003 and connect to TFS 2010. The good news is I found one and here it is Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider 2010

Note: Also make sure you have the TFS 2010 Client Explorer installed on your system for this patch to work. I assume you have it already installed if you are using VS 2010 to connect to TFS 2010.

Once you have installed the TFS MSSCCI Provider 2010 patch open your Solution or Project in Visual Studio 2003 and go to File à Source Control à Add Solution to Source Control if your solution is not already in Source control.  Refer Fig below

Else if you solution or project is already in source control then go to File à Source Control à Change Source Control  and in the Change Source Control window click on the Bind Icon for every project you want to bind to TFS and it should bind using the TFS Server information from your VS 2010 TFS Client Explorer.  Refer Fig Below


That’s it now you are integrated to TFS 2010 from VS 2003. Now you can check out, check in, compare files, Get latest right from your Visual Studio 2003 environment against your TFS 2010 Server.



·         Team Foundation Server MSSCCI Provider 2010