What is the vshost.exe file?

If you have  been working in Visual Studio 2005 or later, you sure would come across a file  with the extension .vshost.exe.  You should find this file under the bin folder or the debug folder of your application.


This file is created by the Visual Studio and is a hosting process.

This file has the following benefits:

1.  Improve Performance

2.  Allow design time expression evaluation

3.  Allow partial trust debugging (Supports the Immediate Window)


The vshost.exe file is used by the Visual Studio IDE and is not required to be deployed with the application.


You can configure Visual Studio so that the vshost.exe file is not created.


You can do that by:


1.  Right Click on Project in Solution Explorer and Select Properties

2.  Click on the Debug Tab if it’s not already selected.

3.  Uncheck the Enable the Visual Studio Hosting Process checkbox under the Enable Debuggers Section



 That should disable the creation of vshost.exe file, but note that this will slow down the debugging speed.